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Before and After Projects

This week was definitely the busiest week of our summer.  Nadine was at camp, and we decided to tackle the project of painting the girls’ room to surprise her when she got back.  On top of that,  with school approaching very quickly, it has become vital to have a working, organized school space.  Last year that was lacking, and the inability to find scissors, tape, paper, etc. became increasingly annoying and burdensome.  In addition, the mess build-up was constant and growing.  When no one, including mommy, knows where something goes, it inadvertently gets stuck on… the table.  Or some random shelf. Or gets lost in the abyss of unknown, only to show up when it’s not needed anymore.  Enter: my amazing carpenter husband, whom I hired not only for his skill, but also for his handsome physique.  Below is the before and after photos of my “school space” in our dining room.  The finished shelves have seven more shelves to be added.  Matthew needs a special tool to drill the holes for the removable shelves, and since he lent that tool to someone, we have to wait to get it back until it’s entirely finished.  But, at least my table is cleared, and to think that there is even more space to be had, makes me just giddy.

The simultaneous project going on this week was painting the attic.  It was time to cover the patched, heavily foot-printed and hand-printed yellow walls with some fresh paint.  I scanned our basement shelves and opened what I thought was white paint (and remains a mystery as to what color it actually is) to find a greyish blue.  It brightens the room considerably, without making it glow.  My handsome carpenter also hung a wire so I could attach some lace curtains to separate the playing side from the sleeping side.

We will be moving Betty up to the attic soon, so Matthew set up the crib in anticipation of that.  Her room will become our office and sewing room.  For now though, we’ve had enough for one week!  We’ll prepare and adjust to this next transition all in good time.

Have a happy day!


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Bits for Jack

Bits of memories from Jack’s boyhood cover the latest memory blanket.  He wanted a gun, so the camo gun was traced underneath his new cowboy pistol.  “My Dad is THE MAN!” was an orange shirt that he wore about every other day ever since he was four.  He was actually wearing it two days ago, when I peeled it off of him and told him how fun it would be to be a part of his memory blanket.  He was cool with the idea, and I felt a twinge of sadness, cutting his favorite shirt and knowing I would never see it come through the laundry room again.  The turtle was a baby shirt he wore in Belize, and the tiger shirt was his favorite shirt when he was two and three, before the other orange shirt became his favorite.  The camo pocket and “K” were from another shirt, worn the other days of the week the orange one was not.  I exaggerate, but only a little.  The bottom strip was from the rim of my favorite baby hat had he had.  It only fit him for a very short while.

Jack isn’t so little anymore.  He lost his first tooth this week, and was brave and matter-of-fact about pulling it out and tasting blood in his mouth.  He’s picking up more and more with reading.  He continues to perform death-defying acts on the trampoline, including a stunt which involved jumping from the peach tree and doing a front flip to land on his feet.  Yes, I video-taped it, and then I told him he couldn’t do it anymore.  He is boy, through and through, and whenever I hear the house shake, it’s usually just Jack, jumping from the top of his bunk onto the floor.  Last night he cleared a spot on his wall for his memory blanket.  Love that boy!

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Bits for Betty

This idea has been floating around in my head.  I’ve seen versions of projects like this and wanted to give it a shot!  So, out came the sewing machine last night, and I painfully made the first cut into Betty’s old clothes.  Each thing on this hanging is from a favorite baby outfit of hers, and the backing is one of the fluffy blankets Grandma gave her.  Now, instead of a useless pile of favorite outfits cluttering up a bin in our basement, we can see them!  When she’s older, we can giggle together about how cute her bottom looked when the big flower was on those brown pants she wore.