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Today I’m a Chicken

I’ve felt a little bit like the Little Red Hen these days.  Sprouting rice, beans, grains, etc.  Then dehydrating them  in the oven before grinding them into flour.  It’s taken about a week from start to finish, with neither step being difficult, just different.  First, they sprouted for a few days.  This basically just involves soaking them once overnight, then remembering to rinse and drain them every 12 hours or so after that.  Old nylon pantyhose and a rubber band over a mason jar work perfectly.  I sprouted quinoa, brown rice, millet, and a few beans for this particular recipe.  The whole recipe can be found here.

After the sprouting was complete, here is the step by step process of making the gluten-free sprouted bread!

It tastes amazing.  Sweet and nutty with lots of chew.  More dense than wheat bread, but some softness about it.  I’m glad Matthew can have some tea with jam and bread now.  This is Little Red Hen, signing off.