Tapestry of Fall & Family

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I was walking in between them, my arms interwoven with theirs, strong and beautiful, like a perfect piece of tapestry.  We laughed as the leaves fell around us, and I looked at them both and said, “I remember pushing you two in a double baby stroller!”  And here we are now, leaning on eachother, laughing at jokes everyone understands, and these babies are growing up faster than I can catch my breath.  We’ve always been held together by love, but now it’s not just me giving all of my strength to keeping them alive and nourished.  Now they are also supporting me with their love and wisdom and bodily presence.  I don’t want them to stop growing up, because I love each stage they’re experiencing.  Yet I want it to freeze sometimes, like a perfect ray of sunshine which captures a moment before winking at you and disappearing forever.  Time keeps winking at me.  Having the last say.  Making these babies taller than me, stronger than me.  Their hearts aren’t so grown up yet, and I relish their simplicity of thought.  I am humbled by their generous thinking well of everyone.  I love this time of shaping and molding and letting them sprout their wings a bit more and dream big dreams.

This girl.  She is so becoming and growing responsible.  This month she turned thirteen.  How is it possible?  A couple of weeks ago we couldn’t use water inside our house, and she washed all of the dishes with boiled water in a big bowl outside on the patio.  She’s a hard worker and loves challenges.  She always has room in her heart for one more person to love and makes them feel as if they’re the most important person in the world.  She is stronger than impenetrable circles, also known as cliques, because she has the courage to talk to the ones on the outside of them.  Things are not important to her.  Only hearts.
October 2015 phone photos2
This young man.  He is different these days.  Thinking deeper thoughts and dreaming bigger dreams.  If you are a close friend, then he has probably cried for you as he lifts you in prayer, because his heart is softer than any boy I’ve ever known.  He has been working so hard lately to be stronger in some areas.  Elijah also has the gift of music and making taste-buds sing.  He’s turning into quite the chef, and has made some pretty mouth-watering meals for us recently!  He made up a song for Nadine’s birthday, and had us roaring with laughter as he made up a verse for everyone in our family.
October 2015 phone photos1
Then there’s this other young man.  He gets through his schoolwork so he can hammer more nails to his fort, or create some inventory for his newest business venture.  On Saturday, he forgot to eat lunch because he was so intent on getting his business underway: selling homemade wooden toys!  Matthew was able to take him to work one day this week, which made our house a lot quieter.  The best part of the day, though, was when he came home, and everyone ran out to Matt’s truck to welcome him home, and swap stories around the dinner table.  Jack has a pretty dry sense of humor that is starting to develop more as he matures.  He isn’t afraid of throwing a dance party in our front yard, choreographed to whatever music is playing in someone’s car going down the street.
October 2015 phone photos
Number four is as industrious as a worker bee, making our world much sweeter with all of her buzzing.  She loves to read and dance and do cartwheels.  She often prances around and says, “I’m SO happy!”  She loves life with every ounce of her being.  Whenever she receives good news larger than her heart can bear, she starts to cry and laugh all at the same time.  She is such a sweet big sister to Betty, and the two stick together like glue.  The other day, I had the ironing board out in our room.  Not one, but two of our children came in with wonder and curiosity on their faces.  Elsie stared wide-eyed and gasped, “What IS that thingy?”  I guess it doesn’t see the light of day much.
October 2015 phone photos4
Our sweet number five keeps us smiling and laughing all day long.  The other morning she walked into our room and woke me up by saying, “Mommy?”  Once I answered her she said, “I think I’m going back to bed now.” And tiptoed back to bed.  I lay with sleepy-dust and laughter both tickling my eyes.  When we were at the farm, feeding the animals, she exclaimed about the pigs: “They’re STARVING!” and gleefully gave the famished pigs more food.  She loves to help.  In the kitchen, around the house, if someone is sick or hurt.  She adores school and wants to “read” everything and paint every day.
October 2015 phone photos3
This past week was spent recuperating from a long weekend away last week.  What a blessing to have earned a trip to Washington DC with the company I work for, and have so many amazing memories tucked away from our time there.  Hanging out with good friends, meeting new friends, a concert by Jewel, being inspired by the humorous Rita Davenport, delicious food, and quality time with Matthew.

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Yesterday, we experienced Wyebrook Farm for the first time.  What a gorgeous fall day to be together and be spoiled by stunning scenery and delicious food!
2015-10-25 14.07.35
This guy.  He is so incredibly hard-working without complaint.  I love dreaming big with him by my side.
2015-10-25 15.28.23
Happy fall, from our family to you!
2015-10-25 16.01.33-1


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  1. Lovely post! It was great to ‘meet’ your family. Family is such a blessing, is it?

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