From Kenya to Valley Forge


Yesterday we traveled to two countries.  Compassion International has a mobile experience where you can walk through two lives of children and hear their stories through an audio tour.  It was amazing.
DSC_4752-2 DSC_4754-2 DSC_4760-2
It was difficult to hear of their circumstances, as Elsie’s eyes show so clearly.  It was plain hard.  But so good for them to experience life outside their own.
DSC_4775-2 DSC_4783-2 DSC_4790-2
We highly recommend the Compassion Experience, and encourage you to consider sponsoring a child!
After a successful trip to the Dr. for Nadine’s toe, we celebrated its steady healing by having a picnic at Valley Forge.  We have never been to Washington’s Headquarters before, so we really enjoyed exploring around his house.
DSC_4828-2 DSC_4830-2 DSC_4835-2DSC_4832-2  DSC_4859-2 DSC_4872
Then Jack really wanted to see the “squirrel’s house”, so we headed in that direction.  Yes, he did hand-stands along the entire way.
DSC_4877-2 DSC_4880-2 DSC_4891-2 DSC_4895-2 DSC_4904-2
Elijah was such a good big brother, giving piggy-back rides to all his sisters!  This one was especially hilarious.
Betty was hot and tired.  And cute.
At last we found the squirrel’s house.  (That’s what we like to call it).  We knocked and knocked.  No answer.
DSC_4921-2 DSC_4926-2
What a delightful day, overall.  In the words of Elsie: “You wore us out, mommy!”  I am so thankful for my children, and for each day we can spend together.


3 thoughts on “From Kenya to Valley Forge

  1. That photo of Elsie close up, is STUNNING! And, my first thought when I saw it was, “Oh my! That is HEATHER!” 🙂

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