Fourth Annual Kids’ Day

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Two weeks ago, we celebrated one of our favorite days of the year:  Kids’ Day!  Feel free to check out year one, year two, and year three of this tradition.  This year actually started the night before, at an outdoor movie showing of The Princess Bride.  So fun!  The other day Betty made us chuckle when she said in a very Vizzini-like voice, “I’m waiting!”
2014-08-08 21.18.47-3
The next morning, my little cowboy was ready (he really was happy),  pens in pocket, just like his grandpa (minus the crooked buttons).  We began in Philadelphia, renting a surrey big enough for all seven of us to ride together.  It was definitely an experience we will never forget.  And probably never do again.  Tiring and hilarious.  We received many smiling looks from passersby… now I know why.  Look at that crew!
DSC_4009-3 DSC_4014-3 DSC_4017-3 DSC_4018-3 DSC_4037-3
Next, we headed to Hibachi for lunch.  It was fun watching the kids’ expressions as the food was cooked in front of them.
DSC_4056-3 DSC_4057-3 DSC_4069-3
Next, we saw a movie in the dollar theatre in 3D.  Then we went to get some ice-cream from a creamery in Strasburg.  Delish!
DSC_4070-3 DSC_4072-3 DSC_4077-3I love these little ladies.   DSC_4079-3 DSC_4083-3
We are so thankful for our five wonderful blessings.  Trying to take a picture of all of them together at the same time is a challenge.
DSC_4104-3 DSC_4112-3 DSC_4113-3
Holding hands with this boy.  Be still my heart.  His hands are just a bit smaller than mine, but they’re thicker and stronger than mine.  He is such a little man.
After ice-cream, we made an impromptu stop-in to hug some special friends.
DSC_4144-3 DSC_4147-3
I’d say Kids’ Day was a success!


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