Sparkly Like the Fourth

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The fourth of July was as fun as a box of sparklers.  We enjoyed the day with Matthew’s family, complete with a parade and fireworks.DSC_2595-2 DSC_2600-2 DSC_2608-2 DSC_2631-2 DSC_2653-2 DSC_2665-2 DSC_2669-2 DSC_2683-2 DSC_2720-2 DSC_2736-2 DSC_2739-2 DSC_2758-2 DSC_2780-2 DSC_2781-2
Somehow, Betty fell asleep soon after the fireworks began.
Back home, we cracked that box of sparklers open and made some designs in the air, while enjoying the fire pit.DSC_2909-2 DSC_2932-2
Sometimes a whole lot of words aren’t needed when pictures speak for themselves.


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