Italian Surprises

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Surprises are the spice of life.
We had a surprise brewing for a few weeks now.  I kept it from the kids, excitement building in my own heart.  It had been almost three years ago since we saw these sweet faces, flown straight from Italian soil to our side of the ocean!
One night previous, Elsie had just been in tears for her cousin, Hannah.  She missed her so badly.
Few words are needed.  It was a blessed week and a half.  So thankful we were able to see them a few times and cousins were able to connect over dress-ups, dance-parties, and sidewalk chalk.
In the between days when we weren’t at Matthew’s parents house visiting, we kept busy with the usual school and business of life.  Soon I will post pictures of our entire family together.  What a beautiful week it’s been.
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One thought on “Italian Surprises

  1. Oh how fun, and what a blessing!

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