End of February Highlights

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There is no such thing as an empty week in this household.  Snow forts, lots of books, and fun with friends were just some of the highlights.
Phone pics
The girls are often dressing up… here are a few shots of Elsie twirling.  Her dream is to take ballet soon.
DSC_0058-3 DSC_0059-3 DSC_0068-3 DSC_0072-3
The ice-caked trees never cease to amaze me with their beauty.  Entombed in glass, one day soon they will come back to life.
Betty loves to help shovel snow.  Trouble is, there are no shovels her size.  My garden trowel is a good substitute for now.
DSC_0107-3 DSC_0122-3 DSC_0131-3 DSC_0134-3 DSC_0142-3
Jack had a small run-in with a shovel one night.
School sometimes includes looking through the dictionary.  It’s not hard to believe how funny they found the word “underpants”.
DSC_0263-3 DSC_0264-3 DSC_0265-3 DSC_0267-3 DSC_0268-3 DSC_0269-3DSC_0271-3
This week we also began nature journals.  I love how most of them spoke of spring, while drawing snowflakes.
DSC_0314-3 DSC_0316-3
Betty enjoys playing the little games I find online.
DSC_0277-3 DSC_0279-3
The highlight of my week happened on Monday when my dear sweet friend, Sarah (who lives in England), showed up at my front door.  She and I spent a few hours together in the city.   We’ve known each other for over half of our lives.  It’s a beautiful thing when entire continents and years can’t stop friendship from growing.

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