Five Little Minions

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We have woken up to snow so many mornings this winter!  Today’s snow dumped another six to eight inches on top of what was already there.  A couple of weeks ago, the kids made a fabulous three-door hobbit home in the front yard.  Hours upon hours were spent carving it out of the snow with my garden trowel.  I love their creativity!
DSC_9558-2 DSC_9570-2 DSC_9571-2 DSC_9575-2
After hours in the snow, hot tea or hot chocolate are a welcome treat.  Elsie is my usual tea-girl and loves it just like her mama.
DSC_9605-2 DSC_9611-2
Last weekend we finally were able to meet the newest cousin on the Weldon side of our family!  Taylor Grace fought her way out of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and is home and smiling!  What a treat to snuggle and love her in person.
DSC_9641-2 DSC_9681-2 DSC_9682-2
We celebrated Christmas Part III, since she was admitted to the hospital Christmas Eve.  It was simply delightful.
DSC_9707-2 DSC_9718-2
One of our favorite gifts: five little minion hats, crocheted by Aunt Heidi!  They are a scream.
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One thought on “Five Little Minions

  1. Okay, Taylor is SO adorable! Praise God she is home and doing well. Those minion hats are great and I love the hobbit house!

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