Christmas Part I

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A few camera photos to begin our Christmas remembery:
2013-12-24 17.07.46

2013-12-24 18.41.09

High heels are a traditional accompaniment to our Christmas Eve festivities.

2013-12-24 19.03.21

Lamb curry, veggies and ribs made for a delicious Christmas Eve dinner! Everything was paleo!

2013-12-25 20.35.56

Our Italy family sent us a traditional Christmas cake from their area. Before we opened it, it was wrapped in what looked like a lampshade!

2013-12-25 20.56.46

We dressed up the cake with espresso and melted chocolate. This was not paleo, but it sure was delicious.

On Christmas Eve we gathered at the Weldon’s house for a family celebration.  We missed our family in Italy and our family who had to spend Christmas at the hospital with their new baby girl.
DSC_7975-2-2 DSC_7977-2-2 DSC_7992-2-2 DSC_8063-2-2DSC_8019-3-2DSC_8026-3-2 DSC_8083-2-2DSC_8131-2-2DSC_8164-2-2DSC_8198-2-2 DSC_8052-2DSC_8220-2-2 
Christmas Eve ended with snuggles and began with snuggles.
DSC_8224-2-2DSC_8232-2-2DSC_8257-2-2DSC_8279-2-2DSC_8305-2-2 DSC_8253-3 DSC_8324-2-2
Elijah’s dream was to get an RC Helicopter.  He is improving his piloting skills every day!
Face Time with our Italy family was a highlight of our day!
Betty has a natural nursing ability.  She notices boo-boo’s, isn’t squeamish about blood, and loves to check everyone’s hearts.  I overheard her telling Matthew: Take a deep  breath.  Take another breath.  No joke.  This girl is a natural.


One thought on “Christmas Part I

  1. Cora did that at a young age too! SHe would give us check ups and tell us to take deep breaths, and another one, etc. So cute!

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