Neigh-deen The Horse Whisperer

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My horse girl had her dream-come-true birthday when she participated in her first horse show.  It’s been a little late in coming, but here are the pictures of our beautiful 11-year-old girl doing what she loves best!




DSC_5287-001 DSC_5292-001 DSC_5307-001

Those chocolate eyes do a much better job of melting than intimidating.

DSC_5340-001 DSC_5362-001 DSC_5373-001


The boys found a friend who shares Elijah’s birthday.  They had fun playing together and watched Nadine occasionally.

October 20131



Nadine won seven ribbons, including 2nd place for jumping!  She is so graceful on a horse!

October 2013

As her brother likes to say, You and Daddy named her neeeeigh-deen because she loves horses!  Well, that is not actually the reason, but it’s a fun play on words!  Way to go, baby girl!


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