Four Times Four Plus One


We’ve been home over a week now, and every day Matthew is stronger.  He is heavily medicated, but we are thankful!  Yesterday was his first day back at work and he still feels well.  He will begin more stringent treatments on Monday, having weekly infusions of a drug called Rituxan for a month.  This helped in the past to put him in a good place health-wise, and we pray it does this time too!

The weekend turned into a wonderful family reunion and all four of us “original” Watt kids and our families were altogether again.  Four kids has multiplied into seventeen grand-kids!  We are blessed!  Here is the cousin line-up from oldest (almost 17 years old) to youngest (two and a half).


August 20135
The “Watt girls”.  I missed the memo about the turquoise shirt.
A collection of cell phone shots:
2013-09-01 19.33.532013-08-31 18.05.38
My camera was balanced on a chair and pointing at a jaunty angle, but here is the whole family.  Not too bad, for staring at a big open yard and an inanimate camera.
My sweet Betty with her baby browns.  If you ask her what color her eyes are, she will tell you: brown.
This is one of the many reasons I love my family.  We pray for each other whether we’re apart or together.2013-09-01 19.26.34
Some of my favorite people.  I share shoes with my boys, and my daughter is the same height as me.  Life is beautifully marching right along.  DSC_3984-001


3 thoughts on “Four Times Four Plus One

  1. This is so special, Amy. It’s no wonder you are the amazing woman you are with that crew backing you!

  2. Beautiful family! So glad Matthew is doing better!

  3. You have been in our conversations with God and each other often lately. We are praising the Lord that the medication is working and will pray that the Rituxan does it’s job. The Lord has truly blessed you with each other and five beautiful children. Your reunion pictures are priceless especially the ones of “prayer time”. God bless you – with love, Charlie and Cathy

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