A Three-Minute Tour


There has been all sorts of rearranging going on over here.  In all of his “spare time” Matthew basically has gone waaaay out of his way to get two extremely helpful pieces of furniture for our growing family!  The first was a bunk bed for the little girls.  Their room was like a pig pen.  Crooked crib, mattresses on the floor.  Nowhere to put things.  An awful mess.  Bunk beds have been a huge space-saver and it is slowly evolving into a cute girls’ room.  Still not finished, but much more functional.

July 20131



I don’t have any “before” pictures here, but our living room underwent another change.  Now please don’t think that taking a photo tour through our home replaces a real visit.  I still much prefer real life.  Then you can see how very non-perfect it is and don’t come under any false impressions.  So please, stop by!

As you walk in our front door you see the “listening station”.  A new addition to our school year, there is a basket of tapes (yes, tapes!), CD’s and earphones with the stereo.  Hours have already been spent here listening to books on tape, Adventures in Odyssey, and music.   I want to make piles of pillows for this spot to make it more inviting and cozy, and the shelf on the floor still needs to be hung.  We gave away our piano, and this is also where I would like our replacement to go when that should happen.  In keeping with “listening”, it will be electric with earphones capabilities so practice can happen at anytime during school or naps without bother to anyone else.


As you look to the left, this is our living room.  I would love a more neutral couch to blend everything together and not clash so much.  I’m reading about re-upholstering.  (Matthew, don’t read that line.)



Not so clashy in black and white.


Moving on to our latest find:  red lockers to feed the soul.  (Thanks, Sarai!  You understand!)  I’m so excited to move some not-so-pretty, but needed school supplies into this beauty.  The doors lock so I can have a prize locker, or keep things locked away which need permission to be used.



July 20133

The kids keep telling me they’re excited for school to start, which thrills my heart.  It helps that their books are all lined up on the school shelves but they’re not allowed to touch them.  I have a few days of planning ahead of me, but I’m starting to feel like my head is screwed on straight again now that things are more in order.



6 thoughts on “A Three-Minute Tour

  1. I love your home, Amy! And those lockers…..awesome!!!! Where can I get some?!

  2. Hi Amy~

    Looking Good!!! Did you look into getting a slip cover for your sofa? Much cheaper than re-upholstering !!! Hope you are all doing well!


  3. Love the lockers! Ok, I love it all, but I hope to get some awesome lockers for my home, some day. : )

  4. Did you mean for us to sing the title to the tune of Gilligan’s Isle, or is that just me? 🙂 🙂

    That set of lockers is mucho mucho mucho guapo! 🙂

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