What Rhymes With Watermelon?

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Between watermelon feasts and swimming pools, it truly feels like summer.  Elijah is best at cleaning out the watermelon “rhyme” as he was calling it.  Although he didn’t eat all of these in one sitting, as a family, we have downed one watermelon per day for the past three days.  It’s been delightful.  Two fresh ones sit in the fridge waiting their consumption.

I have especially enjoyed it tossed in a salad.  Today I crumbled up leftover hamburgers (which had pureed carrots, zucchini, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and basil in them), pulled some swiss chard from our garden, threw in a few leftover sweet potatoes, and diced watermelon.  YUM.  Summer in a bowl.  A little salty, a little pesto hint from the basil, and sweet from the watermelon.  It was amazing.


Betty came downstairs wearing these overalls.  They used to be her Daddy’s!  Everyone has worn them at least once.  



The other night I had Nadine tuck Elsie into bed.  A half hour later I walked by her room to see Elsie looking up at her in rapt attention while Nadine told her a horse story.  I was about to say, Go to bed, now!  When Nadine mouthed over Elsie’s head: I’m having so much fun!  The giggles and stories persisted until very late.  Who am I to stop sisterly bonding?


Our gardens have fairly popped with color and growth!  I spent awhile in the dark tonight, weeding foot-long elephant grass from my daisies.  There is something incredibly peaceful about nighttime gardening.  Every day a new flower appears.  Currently my favorite are the tiger lilies.  The sight of them is something to behold, but I wish I could post how they smell.  Smell is not something easily stored up or snapped into a scent-o-graph.  If I could, I would capture the glamorous and deep perfume of a lily.  Instead, I get its yellow pollen smeared across my face when I bury my nose inside of it to remember the smell deep within my memory bank.



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