Ushering in July

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Mommy, I love you.  Mommy, I kiss you.  Mommy, I will not be afraid.  These are just a few of the sweet things Betty said to me as I tucked her in tonight.  Her vocabulary, personality, and fine motor skills are fairly exploding.  She’s like a burst of colorful fireworks.  I don’t know how she will express herself next, but I know it’s going to be bold, bright, and beautiful.  She makes an impression on me every day and leaves her special mark on my heart that only her smile and dark brown eyes can do.

The last week has been full of strawberry picking, rain, new flowers showing their happy faces, rain, gorgeous sunsets, rain, old friends, rain, reading during quiet hour, more rain, and lots of games.

iphone photos3

I’ve been working on rearranging furniture and purging.  We actually got rid of about 75% of our movies.  I love how the kids were right on board with the idea of filling a laundry basket with videos and dvd’s. Out they went, along with the TV, and no one has complained once.  We can still watch movies on the computer, and each child has a preset 30 minute allotment on the computer each day.  Their account will automatically shut down after 30 minutes, which makes it easy for me and it has just about completely eliminated computer whining on their part and nagging on my part.

I also painted this reminder on the wall by our front door:

2013-07-02 14.47.19

Elsie has had an incredibly loose tooth for the past week.  Tonight I overheard this conversation between her and the boys:

Elijah: Elsie, if it falls out of your mouth while you’re sleep, you’re gonna die.
<Big pause> Then, on a lighter note, Elijah says: When you wake up and just look under your pillow, there’s a dollar.  Right, Jack?
Jack:  Mhm.
Elijah:  Yeah, it’s like a fairy.  She’s invisible.
Jack: It’s actually… an angel.
Elijah:  I could get the pliers and pull it out and there actually will be no pain at all.
This is about the time Elsie came down with a very worried look on her face, and the idea that maybe we should just use our fingers to pull it out came into play.  The tooth remains, and I certainly hope she doesn’t swallow it in her sleep.  Our kids have been known to swallow their teeth, but never while sleeping.

iphone photos2

So far our summer has been pretty swell.  I think this last picture captures my sentiments spot on perfectly:

2013-06-26 16.43.42

Happy July!



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