Doula For A Day


Doula For A Day

Today was spent walking many miles in the course of a small hallway with a champion mother. She overcame fear, pain, and doubt as she soldiered through unspeakably long labor. Eventually it became clear that this baby needed to come out via cesarean. Although this was not in “the plan”, it became clear this was God’s plan. I was reminded that all of our days have been written in God’s book long before any of then have come to be. It was such an honor to walk with this mom & dad and to witness a beautiful baby boy’s birth. It was my first cesarean birth, and I had fun donning my space suit for a little while and being on the other side of the O.R. curtain. What an amazing day. I love my job!


2 thoughts on “Doula For A Day

  1. Congratulations–great job!

  2. How incredible! Its so amazing this is one of your many jobs, so happy everyone is well! Happy birthday benjamin

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