Just A Spoonful Of Sugar


The other day I was gardening with the short crowd and went inside for one minute.  When I came back, they were covered in mud.  I took a deep inhale of special Stay Cool air (it’s available wherever oxygen is) and let them have some fun.  A few smears later, the boys seemed to smell the mud and came running outside.  Then it became this:

The cold shower they got was in hopes they would not be enticed to do it again for a very long time.  There are only so many mud baths this mama can take.

Have you ever given a pig a pancake?  Well, if you have, then you will recognize that today’s events unfolded a lot like that book.

If you give this mommy a hot cup of tea, I will only be able to sit down a drink half of it before remembering I  must do a load of laundry.   Sticking my warm mug of tea on the window sill until I’m finished, I leave it there, forgotten.  Off I go and clean the carpets, because I’ve been wanting to do that for a few weeks now, and I’m tired of leaving that task unchecked.  An hour later, I finish the job.  Surveying the clean living room, I notice where someone pulled down the curtain and it’s been hanging lopsided for two days.  Instead of just fixing it, I decide to pull down all the curtains and wash them.  Into the washing machine they go, and I turn around to see my mug sitting nice and cold on the window sill.  I grab it and put it into the microwave.  Then I notice how grimy the turntable is from a few spills this week.  I put it in anyway, but take the turntable out and fill up my sink with soapy water.  May as well wash the lunch dishes from three hours ago.  In the middle of that, a herd of small elephants thunders down the stairs to tell me something.  I’m not sure if it’s exciting, tragic or upsetting, so they each get a turn to talk.  I send Elijah up to the attic to photograph the crime scene and bring me some evidence.  My feet hurt, my back hurts, and I’m tired.  The word tea floats in and then out of my head.  Down he comes with the phone, and I talk to my wonderful husband who just happened to call right then.  SO, after hanging up, I take a look at the photographic evidence.  I sigh inwardly.  This is not the first grand scale mess of my week.  After much begging for me to “see it in person”, I trudge upstairs.  I admit there is an “element of cool” to the gigantic spider web, woven across the entire attic.


Nadine wasn’t convinced by my reaction.  See, guys?  I told you she’d have a fit.  I told her to please notice how calm I was being.  She then perceptively countered, Well, I bet you’re having a fit on the inside!  To this I had to clap my hand over my mouth and laugh.

Back downstairs the wind is blowing through the open windows so the carpets can dry.  It’s not a picturesque day to spring clean.  I had put out a notice to Mary Poppins but she bailed again.  Something about taking too long to get here from another continent.  I had to find my own supercalifragilisticexpealidotious and special bag of tricks.  It’s mostly called, in layman’s terms:  just doing it.  My favorite trick to getting a job done is a reward.  On this cold and rainy day, it is a spoonful of sugar with a cup of hot tea to go with it.


2 thoughts on “Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

  1. I love your posts, and that even when steam wants to come from your ears, you can cool it AND see the funny side. Must be lovely to have a daughter that knows you so well. : ) I really wanted to tell you how I laughed when I saw the very first picture in this post. Most of us probably wish we could be that carefree, but how wonderful that you can protect and cherish your girls and boys, so they can grow up, safe to be… well, kids that know they’re loved. And won’t you love looking back at those pictures, many years from now! Keep up the good fight, you do manage to drink your tea, even if it is a bit at a time. With lots of love added with the sugar, from your munchkins! Hope mine will be as fun, when I get to have some. : )

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