At Least

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I recently read an article which mentioned how saying At Least, when you’re about to blow up about something, can really help keep perspective.  See, keeping my cool doesn’t come naturally.  When several things bombard me each day to test my resolve, it’s not easy to keep the decibels low and the attitude right.  I’m finding at least has helped me tremendously not to dive-bomb into discouragement, anger and defeat.

Discovering my keys were locked in the van yesterday morning… again, I was upset.  At least I didn’t have to be anywhere, and many things were accomplished by being home all day.  In addition, someone else was able to find joy in helping me out of my predicament.  At least I have policemen for my friends!

Then last night I was moving the plastic slide from one spot in the yard to another.  The orange part came unattached and slammed down on my wrist.  It is still throbbing.  At least I can still move my arm.  At least my body knows how to heal.

Betty and the boys have been hanging out almost all week together while the older girls have had some time with Grandma Weldon.  Currently, they are practicing knife-throwing at a wooden target outside.  It was one of those moments where I almost told them they couldn’t do it.  Then I thought, at least they’re not playing video games and at least they’re outside and learning a skill.  I love that the target they drew is the Alley Cat.  The dreaded feline that poops in our garden and makes mommy mad.  Don’t worry, they won’t really kill it, all you cat-lovers out there.


When I told them to get dressed, they reappeared from downstairs wearing the exact same clothes they wore yesterday.  The outfits that were just stuffed into the laundry basket after their bath last night.  When confronted with this information, I was answered in typical boyish fashion: But this is my favorite shirt!  I thought, why not?  What is the big deal, anyway?  At least there are two less outfits I need to wash this week.

Earlier in the week, we enjoyed a trip to the Franklin Institute with cousin Brian.  Betty stayed with Grandma Watt and we had a fabulous all-boys day, complete with Five Guys for the three guys.

March 20134

Betty is growing into her two-year-old-self very comfortably.  She’s learned how to utilize the faucet mechanism of her tear ducts and can turn them on and off quite quickly if she so desires.  Along with her strength of will and determination to communicate, she is growing in other areas too.  Going potty, getting herself dressed as much as she can, and sitting at the table more and more are just some of the ways she’s growing up.  When she cleans up, she does it 100 percent.  I will need this girl to keep me in line when I’m old and grey.


On the flip side, when she makes messes, she does so 100 percent.  Take the tube of toothpaste all over the chair as one instance.


She loves to eat wockles… or waffles.


Elsie has been enjoying her pink robe.  She falls asleep in the funniest positions.  She is also full of the funniest things to say.  Look mom!  I can move my eyeballs!  She told me the other day, while she raised her eyebrows up and down.  Putting her hand over her heart, she told me, Mommy, my heart is beeping.


Nadine is either exactly as tall as me, or a little taller.  She is good at taking her little sisters under her wing, though loves having her own space as well.  She loves a good s’more.  It is crazy to think how we’ve experienced a snowstorm, gardening, and roasting marshmallows, all in one week.  Yes, s’mores was our supper that night.

DSC_7966-002 DSC_7925-001 DSC_7914-001 DSC_7918-001 DSC_7910-001

As the clouds roll over the sun today, I’m reminded of a Friday no one thought was good, two-thousand years ago.  Day turned into night as God the Father left Jesus to suffer alone.  Our sin was too great for Him to see.  Then, darkness, sorrow, death.  Everything we experience without Jesus.

Then, the greatest AT LEAST in history.  At least it wasn’t the end.  God’s plan was finished, yes, but it was not the end.  At least after Friday, there comes Resurrection Sunday!  Jesus Rose From The Dead Day, as my brother-in-law has so fitly renamed it.  It’s not about eggs or jelly beans or hollow chocolate bunnies.  When Jesus rose from the dead, He did something no other god has done.  Because He didn’t stay dead, He gives us real victory over sin, real freedom from what trips us up, and real life from death.  At least it didn’t end on Friday.  Praise God!



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