I Ate A Carrot Once

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Well, I finally found the Happy in my Birthday banner.  Our sweet Elsie Rose is five years old.  She writes, she nibbles off parts of her ABC crackers to spell her name correctly, she is full of hilarity.  Today while she and Betty were driving with my mom to Bible school, my mom pointed out that there was a lot of traffic and she could see a long line of cars behind them.  After turning around, she asked my mom, Why are so many cars following us?  Then tonight at dinner, we were discussing carrots.  Elsie is not a fond eater of veggies, although we sneak them into her diet many tricky ways.  While discussing carrots, mainly the one-foot-long carrot Jack was eating, Elsie put her chin in her hand and noted:  I ate a carrot once.  Just once.  That was enough.  Probably never again.  We’ll see about that.

This week I was pretty sick.  I’ve been hanging onto a cough for a few weeks and my kindly brother-in-law doctor gave my lungs a listen and put me on some meds.  Tonight I feel the best I’ve felt for awhile, so praying I’m truly on the mend.  I won’t put pictures on here of how the house looked at its worst.  Let’s just say: Mom’s Can’t Get Sick!  Highlights would be the erector-set flower Elijah made for me, Matt’s sister coming for a day to teach the kids Science, hand-holding, robe-sleeping children, creative minds, eclectic outfits, my mommy making me dinner, homemade Indian food with friends,  flurries along with crocuses, a clean bathroom, hot tea with friends, and a taste of spring!

March 20133

The older three kids even got to tour The Master’s Baker, owned by some awesome relatives of ours.  It was such a treat!

March 20131

March 20132

Well, my tea is cold, my rice-bag is warm, and my bed is calling.  Good night.

One thought on “I Ate A Carrot Once

  1. Cora eats just about all veggies EXCEPT carrots! She has never liked them after her first taste of them when she was a wee babe! I keep trying to reintroduce them, fixed in different ways, but no luck! I don’t blame her…they’re not my favorite either! 🙂

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