I Heart Haiti


Nadine & I arrived home early this morning.  Our trip was amazing.  It was so special to be together!  Many people thought we were sisters, which I took as an extremely high compliment!  Our team was the best!  What a blessing to grow together and see God at work in so many ways.  It is going to take me quite awhile to process everything into words.  So for now I will just talk through some pictures.  The stories will flow when they’re ready.

DSC_4627 DSC_5900 DSC_5953 DSC_6058  DSC_5631 DSC_5656 DSC_5693 DSC_5707 DSC_5780 DSC_5802  DSC_5153 DSC_5162 DSC_5269DSC_5327 DSC_5382 DSC_4960DSC_5125 DSC_4858 DSC_4861


DSC_6504 DSC_6486



6 thoughts on “I Heart Haiti

  1. Love the pictures Amy! So glad you and Nadine had this amazing opportunity.

  2. Love, love, love! Cannot wait to talk to you in person!!! I prayed for you and Nadine daily! Glad you’re back safe and sound. Enjoy reuniting with hubby & kids this weekend!

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