Like A Kite

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The clouds have done nothing but rush by all day long.  The sky changes so abruptly I can barely keep up with whether it’s sunny or cloudy.  This week has done much of the same: quickly change from one thing to the next.  All of a sudden it’s Thursday again!  My thoughts feel choppy, like the gusts of wind whipping us about today.  I won’t try to smooth them out, but rather let them out as they fly.

Pig tails, brown eyes, and boo-boo’s on her nose.


A frequented spot in our house: the potty!  This week Betty has successfully potty-trained herself.  She loves her panties, her potty, and the two chocolate chips she gets when she goes!  Sometimes even her pink baby bunny has to go potty too.  We’re going on day 3 of dry panties, even through naps!  It’s super fun going places without having to think about a diaper bag!



I caught this boy engrossed in a book.  He was pretending to be annoyed at me.


Recently, the boys started wrestling with our local school.  They love it!  Such a great experience for them both!



Elsie is the queen of accessory.  While on an afternoon visit to Grandma’s, she had to bring half  her bed along.


Looking at her eyes is like drinking dark chocolate.


I’m so thankful that tea-parties are not above my boys’ taste.  They’re manly enough to enjoy fine china.  Elijah had a laughing fit at one point.

DSC_3977-001 DSC_3990-001

In a week, Nadine & I will be getting ready to fly out of the country to Haiti!  We’re super excited to leave these wintry winds behind for a week and see the sunshine from another part of the world.  I haven’t started actually packing yet, but in my head I have.  There is school, cooking, laundry, and other things that don’t stop just because I think it would be super convenient of them to do so. My heart is more important than my suitcase, and I’m praying that God prepares me for whatever He has in store for us there.




I love her creative self.  She’s always had a thing for kites, so she came up with her very own garbage bag kite to enjoy on this very windy day!  She told me she’d like to sell them for 50 cents.  AND they conveniently fit in one’s pocket.  Love it.


It’s been a grand fast-flying week.


One thought on “Like A Kite

  1. just awesome!! i cant wait to see your pictures from hati!!

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