Christmas Week The Second

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What better way to start Christmas week, part two, than with a double dose of Joy?  My new favorite tea at Starbucks is Joy… the name alone is perfect, but the taste too is amazing.  Joy: A source or cause of delight.  We headed towards Syracuse, NY, van full, bodies sleepy, and arrived at my sister’s house around midnight.


We had a full three days with cousins.  Betty got sick half-way through, so I wasn’t able to participate in any of the extra-curricular activities like sledding and ice-skating.  We hung out at home, and she napped.  It was sad to miss out, but baby girl needed her rest.  The first day there, she was her happy self, though!  Joy: the expression or exhibition of delight..


It snowed a LOT.




DSC_1585-001 DSC_1595-001 DSC_1602-001 DSC_1614-001


Joy: a state of happiness or felicity.


A chess tournament between the kids put game-playing in high demand.


Sister-time is always sweet.  One of the nights we left Grandpa and Grandma with all 13 kids and saw Les Miserables in the theatres with our hubbies.  It was fabulous!  Joy: something or someone greatly valued or appreciated.



Joy: keen pleasure.

Matthew’s work of art.

This year we did 100% home-made or “second-hand” for our Pollyanna gift exchange.  It was awesome to see everyone’s creativity spilling out through paper, wood, cloth, or other means.


My gift from Heather was a hand-made W covered in red berries.  It looks perfect sitting on my “beautiful” shelf.

Our drive home was slower than usual.  About 3000 miles in 2 weeks made our van very tired.  Today we blessed it with a car wash.  When we came through the other side, Betty grinned and exclaimed:  Again!  

Joythe emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.  We have been blessed with a week full of joy.  A filled to the brim, sweet, and running over kind of joy.




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  1. Thanks for sharing Amy. Missed you guys at the party


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