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In honor of this marvelous date of 12-12-12… I am having a Christmas giveaway!  I’ve been crocheting snowflake ornaments, and would love to give some away!  I will send three winners a unique, hand-made snowflake.  To enter, either leave a comment on here, or my facebook page, telling me your favorite or funniest Christmas memory.  To have an extra chance at getting your name drawn, you can subscribe to get an email version of these blog posts.  I will announce the winner tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “Hand-made Giveaway!

  1. Oh how cool! I remember these from the Curtises house. They are so pretty! I am not very good at collecting funny…. I remember my aunt buying us pajamas when we were young. They were super long and baggy. Two of us girls could fit a pair, one on each leg. We wore them for years. My aunt would ask each year if we needed new pajamas. My mom told her no. I dont have those pants any more but I am curious how I would fit them now. 🙂

  2. Those are so pretty!!! My favorite part of Christmas is seeing people express their creativity and generosity with gift giving. My favorite is when people make hand made gifts. One year Barbie made us all dolls that looked like us. And another year my mom made us all fleece hats, mittens, and socks! I love it:) Last year I had just had Levi so Andy took me on a Christmas shopping spree to get new cloths to fit my new “mommy body” haha. That was pretty wonderful as well.
    Merry Christmas Weldons!

  3. Funny memory – Just last year actually. My brother in law asked for a Wii controller and my mother bought him “weed controller”!! Luckily my sister was with her and they straightened it out – but it had us laughing for about 30 minutes!!! Maria R. Santos Treasurer/Office Manager NetComm Services, Inc. 508-990-0600 Tel 508-984-5685 Fax http://www.netcommservices.com


  4. Funniest Christmas memory- Our second Christmas with our boys Stuart and I decided to put the tree up on Christmas Eve, We chopped it down, brought it into the house and decorated it. Christmas morning- two little fellows came yelling into our bedroom – the tree, the tree- we came downstairs to find our tree totally devoid of needles. Ornaments, lights but not a needle on the tree. I was later told , we had shocked the tree by bringing it into the house too soon. Lesson learned- memory made.

  5. Beautiful work!! Maria R. Santos Treasurer/Office Manager NetComm Services, Inc. 508-990-0600 Tel 508-984-5685 Fax http://www.netcommservices.com


  6. **Weak Stomach Alert** This is funny to me as I reflect on what my parents must’ve been thinking……waking up on Christmas morning to a puke-covered bedroom door. Yep, yours truly woke up, stood in the hall, made my mark and apparently went right back to bed. Merry Christmas, Mom & Dad!!! Pretty sure that was the year I opened my gifts with a huge pot to my right just in case 🙂

  7. This is wonderful Amy!

    One of my funniest Christmas stories was when I was probably around 7 years old. My family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, sisters brothers all went to the Christmas Eve candle light service… the memories of these services from my childhood alone reminds me just how blessed we truly are!) Anyway, as my entire family was shuffling through the doors of the church to leave, my big sister (of course) said… “ill beat you to the car! “Well… I could never let her win so I quickly said “nuhh uhh!” In my Sunday best, tights, dressy shoes.. I hit the pavement and gave it my all to make sure I made it to that car first. I of course ignored all of the adults behind me saying … “watch the ice girls!!” about 2 seconds later I found myself on the pavement face down… I had managed to skin literally my ENTIRE FACE across the ground. My grandfather came over ( I was amess and bleeding) said “oh nooo,..” In a tone strange enough for me to look up and stop crying for a minute. “Look you were running so hard you made a crack in the pavement!” It was enough to make me smile a little among complete defeat. I proudly wore my face scrape through the holidays… I wish I could say that was my last face plant but… its a joke in my family that every year I’m on video as a child with some scratch on my face or body.


  8. My favorite Christmas memory from when I was a child was the year I was about 5 or 6, and me and my sisters all received dolls and a new plastic tea set, so we decided to have a Christmas tea party. We had cocoa and the chocolate covered marshmallow Santa Clauses that came out of our stockings. One of the Santas had gotten smashed, and we started calling it a “smushed boob” (not even sure we were equating our boob with a breast, I think it just sounded funny). This led to an entire language being invented among us sisters that we named the Buzzard language. We spoke this secret language for years, and some of the words are deeply embedded in our family’s personal language still to this day, over 30 years later! So bizarre but so, so memorable. We had a lot of fun. Amy, these ornaments are beautiful and I would love to have one to keep with Thomas’ own special ornaments. 🙂 Merry Christmas! Anne

  9. Very nice! I have TWO memories competing for each other.
    1) As a child…I remember waking up early on Christmas break, enjoying soggy Oat Flakes & a fav library book (RUSTY, the Cocker Spaniel) as I would read under the glow of the old school big & fat Christmas Lights. The ambiance, of the lights & the fragrance of the pine needles…stays with me.
    2) My first Christmas as a HUSBAND…I had saved & saved & bought a multiple diamond ring for my love…slipped it into the bottom of her stocking un-wrapped…& couldn’t wait until she found it.

  10. Oh Wow Amy, I had such a great time reading all the wonderful Christmas memories posted here! I have a funny tree story as well. Our last live Christmas tree was about 5 years ago. We brought the tree inside, decorated it beautifully and sat down to an evening of enjoying it in our living room. However, about 2 hours later we noticed movement on the tree!! Well there was a nest of spider eggs that hatched into HUNDREDS of little tiny spiders spanning out in the tree! It actually made the tree look like it was moving! Well I ran to get the bug spray, moved the kids out of the room and sprayed the whole tree – problem solved/spiders dead! And, the next morning we woke up to a dead tree as well! Yup, the bug spray killed the tree and the needles dropped completely! So we wrapped up the tree in a giant sheet and dragged it out back, lights and all, and went to Wegman’s and bought a little $75 fake tree that we have loved ever since 🙂

  11. Christmas is full of good memories – all the way back. I don’t remember one with bad memories actually. From caroling, to baking for others, to games, and on and on and on.. And I LOVE THESE ornaments. I want a whole tree full! I have a white tree this year and how awesome would these look on it!!

  12. My greatest memory has been ongoing. Brian began to “brag” at about 10 years old that he didn’t ever have to tell his parents what he wanted for Christmas. He always got exactly what he wanted. This tradition has continued to date with him never telling us what he wants. Bill and he are blessed that they have such an incredible bond that Bill always knows what will make him happy on this wonderful holiday in which we celebrate our Saviour’s birth.

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