Got Funnies

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Today I’m thankful for the funny things my kids say.

I  want to be a policeman when I grow up  because they eat donuts and drink  coffee.- Jack

I want to be a ballerina, not a ballerina coach.  Just a ballerina.  -Elsie

Raise your hand if you like oaps [oats] the most. -Elsie

When asking Nadine if something was too hot, she said, Not enough to make my flexibility  [reflexes] leave. 

While driving, Elijah and Nadine were talking about different colors, and Elijah mentioned the color of Abendigo.  As in, one of the men thrown into the fiery furnace.  I think he meant indigo.

Of course, Betty is full of cute things every day.  Her latest is an exuberant, Let’s go!  Whenever we go somewhere.




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