Love Does

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One of my favorite books is by Bob Goff, called Love Does.  Today my life felt like a chapter in that book.  This morning I woke up to the beeping of my phone and this text from a friend: Dear Weldons, would you like to come spend the day with us?  We will make you a pancake breakfast, we will get your laundry started, and then we’ll get to work on school stuff.  We would love to have you!  I went to bed wondering what the day would hold.  I woke up so incredibly touched by this practical invitation.  Love does.  Today at lunch, at a full table of a dozen children and two mommies, Nadine thanked the Lord that our water was off so we could enjoy the day with our friends!  I’m also thankful that I can run over to another friend’s house and go to the bathroom at any hour.  I’m thankful for the offers of showers and baths.  Sometimes we think about how we could help others, instead of just doing it.  Being on the receiving end of love in action is incredible, but not even as much as being on the giving end.  He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.  Prov. 11:25  Getting outside our comfort zone is awkward sometimes.  It might involve having some un-bathed family raid your house and cupboards.  It might not even be that dramatic.  But when we love practically and specifically, we bless in eternal measures.  Pressed down, shaken together, running over kind of blessings.

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