Stormy Miracles

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What is there not to be thankful about?  Today at church we heard a riveting story by a man named Terry Caffey.  Click on his name to read his story.  I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for my family.  Though our basement has a layer of smelly sewage on the floor, our water is turned off, and we have to walk to our neighbors to go potty, these are insignificant challenges in light of many things.  I am thankful for the moments together, even the moments of hair-tingling annoyance or when it seems like things will never be quiet… I am thankful.  God is good.  When heaven seems silent, when the waters are stormy, when the boat is rocking and we feel the strength of our problems overwhelming every corner of our heart… He is there.  God uses the storms in our life to show His greatest miracles.  He has a purpose for my life and yours.  He is working behind the scenes on things we cannot even begin to dream about.

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