Thrilling Tapioca

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Today I’m thankful for the tapioca pearls someone gave us awhile back.  They’ve been sitting in my cupboard, and I pulled them out this week for some sensory play!  Betty was immediately pleased with herself that she was cooking alongside mommy, and set to work scooping, pouring, and taking handfuls of the fun little spheres.  Soon all the kids wanted in on the game, and there were tiny white balls all over the kitchen floor.  They roll and bounce very easily, by the way.  Every day now, Betty goes to the big drawer under the oven, pulls out the muffin tins and a spoon and looks up at me with those baby browns, expectantly waiting for me to fetch the tapioca.  I’m thankful for imaginations, the grace when messes happen, and the joy on my children’s faces from simple things.  Who needs toys when you have tapioca?


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