In Memory of Twenty-One Years Ago


Twenty-one years ago today, my family and I piled into a little Cessna airplane with everything our suitcase could fit, and flew into an unknown future.  What I thought was a quick trip to the neighboring country of Kenya, became a stepping stone to the final leg of our journey to the United States.  What I thought would be temporary, turned into permanent, and I never went back to my cherished and idyllic home of Nyankunde.  It has changed my life in  many ways.  I am thankful for my heritage, the obedience of my parents to move to Africa and raise their four children there, give me a childhood worth more than gold, and yes, even for the abrupt uprooting 21 years ago.  I have learned so much from these experiences.  More than a few sentences can say.  I am thankful for the memories of Nyankunde, and of how it shaped my life and my heart into who I am today.  

Our house at Nyankunde.  My bedroom was the far left, looking at the house.

My sister, Sherry, and I on our way to buy something from the little market.  I am sticking out my tongue because I very clearly remember that my mom told me to go put a skirt on before we left.  I am wearing shorts underneath my skirt.  I usually did.

The view from the front of our house.

The view from my bedroom window.  The hills which surrounded our station always thrilled me.

3 thoughts on “In Memory of Twenty-One Years Ago

  1. The depths and treasure of your heart are immeasurable. I will never stop loving you and am always amazed at how much of you I still have to learn about. Thank you for sharing your life and love with me. Always yours, Matthew

  2. I remember your house and the views. I actually lived in it for 6 months before my own was free again for me after my home assignment.

  3. Aim, so beautiful…the memories just flood me as I look at the pictures. I did notice that the marigolds were not growing or blooming 😉 Nyankude is a place that has given me such rich friendships and I will always be grateful for that day we landed and I was so scared you wouldn’t be my friend.

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