Four Bites of Thankfulness

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As November begins, I will be doing a daily thankful post.  We can’t have enough thankfulness.  My heart needs constant tuning.  When it feels off-pitch, it is usually due to comparison, greed, envy, pride, or dis-satisfaction.  However, all of these cacophonous noises can be brought into perfect tune with a sound dose of thankfulness.

Today I am thankful for the lessons my children are teaching me.  Grace and patience come to mind today.  When a sweet child refused to eat or try her supper last night, I told her it would be her breakfast.  After breakfast came and went, it became her lunch.  After lunch, we sat at the table together and it finally became her afternoon snack.  The anger I felt this morning dissipated as I gentled my approach but strengthened my resolve.  Her heart is at stake, not a bowl of potatoes.  I could care less if she ever grows to like potatoes, even though that would be great.  I care a great deal, however, for her to trust my word, not be afraid of me, and respect my authority.  I made sure my expectations weren’t unreasonable, and focused my attention on her heart, not on winning the battle.  The breach between us has been bridged once more, and the first thing she did after she swallowed her last bite was give me a hug.

I’m also thankful for the wild and crazy outfits this strong-minded girl wears.  When I hesitated at her wearing her sparkly purple dress out to the grocery store, Matthew sweetly reminded me that it won’t fit her forever, and so why not enjoy it today?  And why not enjoy it with hot pink and silver striped stockings and red boots!

I can hardly wait to say what else I’m thankful for, because when I start this tuning process, all the yucky sounds of discontent go running!  It is a habit I have tried hard to maintain, but feel the need of much improvement right now.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, remembering that as members of the same body you are called to live in harmony, and never forget to be thankful for what God has done for you.  (Col. 3:15)   Always be thankful.  It’s a command, not an option!

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