Take That, Monday

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For whatever reason, Monday mornings always seem out to get me.

Petty arguments:  “Did you hurt her?” was my question. “Not that much,” was the answer.

Getting on  the computer without asking: Someone googled their name and so it was pretty easy to figure out who did it.  Another child said to them, “They [meaning google] don’t know who you are.  You’re not famous.  Yet.”  I couldn’t help but chuckle under my breath.

During school, Elijah was writing a short story and was trying to think of a title for it.  He was contemplating using  A Knight’s Tale until Nadine sternly warned him, “You can’t use Knight’s Tale.  Remember?  You will have to pay twenty-five million dollars!  And then you’ll go to jail!”  I’m glad plagiarism and copyright rules are strictly enforced around here.

Earlier this afternoon I was feeling the desperate need for some sunshine, so Jack and I sat outside to practice his reading.  After about ten minutes it felt like a bug flew into my hair.  There was an awful buzzing sound, which was muffled and then stopped when I shooed at whatever was there.  I thought it flew back out, until a minute later when I heard more horrible buzzing coming from my hair.  I shooed it again and asked Jack what it was.  He looked in my hair and yelled, “It’s a wasp!”  I then proceeded to scream and panic and scream some more.  I yelled for Elijah to come and get it OUT OF MY HAIR!  The neighbors must have thought I was being attacked.  I am petrified of getting stung.  The thought of a wasp or yellow jacket (which it turns out it was) stinging me on my head makes me shiver.  After some more stomping, head swirling, and yelling, miraculously it flew out.  I promptly put a hat on my head.

Even though there are fights and disagreements, there are also sweet moments.  At lunch Nadine looked over at Elsie and said, “What is your favorite food, Elsie?  I need to get to know you better, since we always get into fights!”

Right now they are outside playing “China”, and speaking in some unintelligible language.  There are two countries at war I think.  Betty may be the ransom, I’m not sure.  There are scarves and hats and lots of foreign dialogue.  We’re out to get Monday and make it fun!


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