Growing Betty

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Sometimes I just sit on the ground and watch Elsie and Betty play their games.  This particular day involved a cowboy hat and a load of towels hanging on the clothesline.  In and out they went, laughing and chattering.  Betty’s personality is quickly emerging as she approaches the big two.

She loves to play.  She just discovered that she loves apples, so now she fits in with the rest of her siblings when they each are chomping on an apple.  In fact, the other day Jack was eating a huge apple and his loose tooth came out and he swallowed it with the apple!  Oops!  He was very nonplussed about it and kept eating his apple.

Her pants are starting to look like flood-water pants, and her shoes barely squeeze on her little feet.  She’s been in size 3 for a long time!

When I asked Nadine what her favorite thing about  Betty is right now, she said, I love it when she puts her hands behind her back and just stands there.  It’s true.  Super cute!  Her favorite song is “Ten Men”, where we act out the story of the ten men that Jesus healed and only one man came back.  Then she brings one hand out and puts up her pointer finger and waves it around while we sing, “Thank you, thank you, Jesus…”  So cute.

When we ask her a question and it’s a yes, she excitedly says, “Da!”  When it’s a no, she shakes her head very fast, tilts her head down, and looks up with no expression on her face, except whatever her big brown eyes say.

A typical afternoon with Betty includes a few changes of shoes, running around with something on her head, and lots of giggling.  She also seems to leave a whirlwind of messes wherever she goes.  I think the main reason she makes messes is so she can clean them up.  She loves to help pick things up, sweep the floor, unload the dishwasher, and put things away.   It’s hard to get upset when I turn around and she’s smiling at me.


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