Thoughts on Bean-stocks and Showers



Happiness is picking a tray or two full of tomatoes at the end of September, and making delicious sauce for homemade pizza!  Happiness is also picking fresh basil and making peso for another pizza.  We have had a lot of happy pizza meals this month, using up our fresh ingredients as much as possible.  While the plants are looking droopy and crisp, there is still some orange and red goodness coming from their branches!

The other day while we were picking said tomatoes, Elsie and I found a ton of beans growing on what I thought was just our morning-glory vine!  Turns out Jack grew his bean-stock on our trellis, and we were inundated with beans!

I have about a thousand other things to write about, but I have had about five minutes of free time each day, and usually I spend them just reveling in the fact that I don’t have to do anything.  Right now those five minutes are just about gone.  Now it’s time to clip fingernails, scrub some dirty kids, and see if I can squeeze a shower in there somewhere.  Next to putting away clothes, it’s my least favorite thing to do.  Yes, it’s true.  I actually really dislike taking showers.  I always have.  Ask my sisters.  My oldest sister used to have to drag me to the tub to scrub my hair.  Now I have to really discipline myself to get in the shower.  Probably a large percentage of you will look at me funny the next time you see me, trying to gauge whether or not I’ve showered that day.  I’d like to believe I almost always do, but I pretty much always really hate it.  So, there’s a little unknown fact for you.  It’s probably safe to say that I wouldn’t enjoy bubble bath for Christmas.  However, like many things I’ve outgrown in my life, this is one thing I’m hoping I will one day grow to love and enjoy.  Maybe.  Like beans growing on my morning-glory vine, all things are possible!




3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bean-stocks and Showers

  1. I totally sympathize. Hate taking showers. And I have about five minutes of free time a day. 🙂 I learned in Spain how to only take a shower once a week and still smell nice and have nice hair. It’s all in washing just the front of your hair if necessary and wearing lots of perfume.

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