The Delivery

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Yesterday I had some unexpected splashes of color painted into my day.  Highlights of joy that I didn’t  know I needed, but as usual, my Heavenly Father knew I needed them.  After a bit of a rough start with school, things smoothed out.  Shortly after, I got a text from a friend saying she prayed for me this morning over her cup of hot tea.  I know it’s because of her prayers.  Then after a couple of hours of school, sprinkled with lots of loud exclamations from Betty (who loves highlighters and scissors and glue… oh my!) there was a flower-delivery man at my front door!  Tucked into a fall pumpkin were yellows and oranges and reds and a sweet note from a friend.  I needed that so badly!  The thoughtfulness that went into those flowers touched me so much!  I love surprises, and that fit the bill completely!  I love color & beauty, and both were hand delivered to my doorstep.  Thank you, friend, for refreshing this mama’s heart!  I’m so excited that I get to look at my flowers with a cozy sweater on (because the temperature smells of fall, even if the calendar doesn’t.)

After school we had to form a search party for our dear bunny.  Toby is half-tame and half-wild and we let him roam our basement and sometimes he goes outside.  Usually he stays in our yard.  Sometimes he doesn’t.  We eventually found him under a huge pine tree in our neighbor’s yard.   Afterwards, I was able to spend the entire afternoon with just Nadine.  We went to the library, got ice-cream, then went thrift-store shopping.  For the price of one pair of sunglasses we bought books, a few outfits, two pairs of sunglasses, a few pairs of boots, and six pairs of earrings!  It was a lot of fun.  I learned that she doesn’t like to be surprised as much as she likes to be “in the know”.  She is changing into someone who wants to know ahead of time where we’re going so she can plan and think about what outfit to wear!  She’s not like her little sisters who don’t care whether they’re wearing pajamas or not before running out the door. She relished the time shopping.  This has never happened before.  I almost feel like I felt the first week she was at home.  Unsure of how to care for this little person.  In awe that this life has been entrusted to our hands.  Now, almost ten years later, I’m feeling very much like we’re in an entire new phase of life.  Not only that, but the other four will just as quickly be changing and phasing out of their childhood.  I pray to be steadied.  The other day as she was helping me clean up the kitchen, she had just finished shaking out the tablecloth outside and was putting it back on the table.  She said, “What do you really not like about tablecloths?  They’re pretty, they’re useful… I wonder who invented them?”  Her thoughts are many and varied!

So far everyone is still very eager beaver about school, and it’s almost time to start.

I’m thankful that I have five beautiful faces and some lovely flowers to look at all morning!


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