Under the Fish Lights Again

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It’s hard to believe that a week ago we were driving home with five rambunctious kids, sad to leave the shore house, which no matter how long you stay there, is never long enough.  A week of school, finally unpacking, seventeen loads of laundry (or so), and twenty-one meals.  Yesterday I pulled a twelve-hour shift of non-stop kids, chattering, tidying, schooling, and somewhere in there a cup or two of hot tea!  My hat goes off to those mamas who solo it every day.  It just happened to be an extra long day of work and other commitments for Matthew, and the sound of his rusty old truck parking outside makes my heart skip a beat, and then settle into a gentle rhythm of, “He’s home… he’s home…”

Our time at the shore house was thankfully not plagued by any strange throw-up bugsor deluges, and we made it through four days without going to the laundromat!  Now that’s exciting!  Playing Balderdash one night under the fish lights and laughing our guts out reaches pretty high on my list of favorite memories.  I had my handy-dandy voice recorder secretly going, and caught a bunch of hilarity that way, including the moment when the bench that Matt’s parents were sitting on collapsed.  I think we were super relaxed by laughing so hard, that thankfully they weren’t hurt… and so we laughed some more!

We also had fun with sparklers, taking bike rides, and drinking slushies.

One morning, some went fishing while some of us stayed behind and played super-woman and phase ten.


We also took a trip to the boardwalk one night.  I had a blast doing the screaming swing with Nadine again.  Elijah rode the go-karts and spun himself silly on the tornado.  Elsie loved the rides even more this year.  Jack was about a quarter-inch too short for the rollercoaster.  Betty wanted to do everything but couldn’t.  Next year should be epic!


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