Thursday Quotable’s

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When food is low, but you have one can of whipped cream hidden in the back of the fridge… tada!   Dessert in a can.  The kids had fun squirting it into their mouths.  Elsie preferred spooning it out of the lid.

Elsie says very funny things.  For instance, after watching the older two playing a chess game, she came up to me and said, “I want to play chest!”  Oh my.

Then she came downstairs wearing panties and a sweatshirt.  I asked her why she wasn’t wearing any pants.  “Uh, because I’m hot.”  Then why are you wearing a sweatshirt?  “That’s because I’m cold!”  Of course.

Upon having a little friend over who wanted to jump on the trampoline, Jack said to me, “She’s the customer!”  He proceeded to go jump on the trampoline with her.  The customer is always right!

I’m not the only one lamenting summer’s farewell.  Nadine said sadly to me, “But I haven’t even finished growing my tan skin yet!”

We have started school this week, and everyone has been super excited about the new books, new approach, and new year!  Before we step into our last day of school for this week, I have to share this cute sight that is sharing the kitchen table with me:

  Happy Thursday!


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