Second Annual Kids’ Day


Our second annual Kid’s Day was a huge success!  It began with a breakfast of waffles, chocolate ice-cream and bacon!

Our first stop was the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia!

The kids have been begging to go there for a long time.  First, we explored the giant heart!

Nadine and I also rode the “sky bike” high above the atrium!  It was scarier than I thought!

Then we sat on the front steps and ate popcorn.



The highlight for me was when Matthew bought me cotton candy!  I looked at the street vendor with the same longing as a little kid.  Something about never getting it growing up, makes cotton candy, chocolate chips, and m&m’s all things that will never grow old for me.  Cotton candy.  Oh, my heart.

Our next stop was Grandma Weldon’s where we dropped the little two girls off, since they aren’t super restaurant savvy yet.  Then the five of us went to Red Robin for supper!  It was delish!  Their choice of eats.

Our last stop was a mini-golf place, where the three of them played 18 holes.  Elijah was most consistent, and Nadine came in second.  Jack was the winner of the most holes-in-one and his first two shots were both a hole-in-one.  On the second one, Elijah’s ball actually bumped Jack’s ball, which ricocheted off the edge and then rolled into the hole!  It was exciting!  

It was a great day.  We’re so thankful for our five amazing blessings.  It’s exciting to celebrate our family together and make memories in this way.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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