Magical Dream

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“Last night I had a magical dream,” Nadine said this morning.  When she tells us her dreams, it is best to get comfortable.  Sometimes it can take the entire length of breakfast, as she picks apart every detail that she can remember.  Underneath all of those curls, there is a very active mind, which doesn’t even really stop thinking while she’s sleeping.  Her description of her dream went on, “It was also interesting, weird-ish, and strange-ish.   Santa gave me a magical spray that made everything invisible.  I tried it on everything, and it never ran out!  I even tried it on a witch, but it didn’t work on her and she told me to try it on someone I didn’t like.  Then I was a lifeguard at girls’ camp!  We went up the hill and the car was cardboard so we kept falling out of the car.  The witch came back, and she did kung-fooey on me but I kicked her with my legs.”  Kung-fooey.  That is my favorite part of her magical dream.  Like Kung Fooey Panda.

Other early morning conversations have gone like this:

Nadine and Elijah were discussing different colors that portray different holidays.  Some were quite obvious, but then they moved on to more difficult ones.  “What about April Fool’s Day?  asked Elijah.  “I think Green, purple, and tan?”  “Presidents’ Day?”  he asked next.  “Brown, black and white.”  “Why?”  “Because their hair is brown, black and white.  Some are blonde and bald too.”  Of course!

Then Nadine told me a very vivid dream that gave me shivers up and down my spine, “I saw Jesus and He said, Follow me, and I will show you something wonderful.  Do you think it means something?  Like that Jesus is about ready to come and get us?”  Elijah answered, “I don’t think so, but I hope it!”

That would be beyond magical.  It will be perfect in every single way.


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