Funny Freeze-Frame Moments





Betty just makes me chuckle.  Her accessories now include fuzzy hello kitty slippers.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 90 degrees with 99 percent humidity outside, she loves to wear them.

The other thing she loves to do is be with her big sisters.


My first attempt at shooting a picture with all three girls in their matching dresses that Grandma made.  Betty kept walking towards me, and I don’t realize how very tall Nadine is, until trying to stage all three of them together.  Every time she would kneel down, so would the other two, which still made for an awkward angle.  I love how Betty gives her cheesiest grin whenever a camera, or a phone, or anything resembling either of those things, is pointed in her direction.

On Sunday, we had a fun family picnic with the Weldons and my sister-in-law’s parents.  It was so much fun!  Betty loved the pool, and actually swam in just swimmies and without me holding her!  She doesn’t mind water in her face.  My all-time favorite moment of the day was putting her into this get-up.  Thanks to Capri for shooting this picture with her camera while I was in the water.  I couldn’t stop laughing!  The swimmies kept her little body from slipping down through the tube, and she just floated around the pool, jabbering away and loving it.

There were other really funny moments, which we’ll leave out of print.  But I’d love to know what you think we’re laughing about.


If at least twenty people comment about what they think is so funny, I will tell you.  Those of you who were there, are not allowed to say!


14 thoughts on “Funny Freeze-Frame Moments

  1. I LOVE when laughter is captured when it isn’t staged!! It’s so contagious to look at even if you can’t hear a thing. ( :
    I guess it’s something to do with kids poo (in the pool) ( :
    Love the sisters pics as well!

  2. Did Grandma toot in the water? 🙂

  3. Someone “shot a bird” as my PA Dutch neighbor would say!? =)

  4. I can’t stand not knowing what the laughter is about! Did someone experience bathing suit slippage?

  5. I can’t help but laugh as I can only imagine what happened. Did Betty Ann wet on Grandma?

  6. I think the water around Betty suddenly got a bit warm. Great moments captured on film!

  7. Everyone already mentioned what I would have guessed… some form of bodily “exhale,” shall we say… either wind or liquid or solid?

  8. I agree with what others are saying. It looks like Betty “shot a bird”. (aka farted) I love her little face. “What did I do?”

  9. Adorable, fun, loving pictures as usual! You always make me want to go through our photo albums! My guess – a little baby toot in the pool?

  10. My guess is… bubbles from Betty’s bottom. 🙂

  11. I think maybe she said something funny that had everyone in stitches.

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