I Almost Stank

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Cleaning at night when everyone is sleeping, is so rewarding.   I have greatly neglected many nooks and crannies in exchange for gardening, swimming,visiting, painting, and the like.  I’ve done a hurried swipe of the counter, or an every-other-day sweep of the floor (that, let me tell you is triple, not double, the amount of dirt if done every day).  Laundry is my sweet spot in house-cleaning, and even when things are busy, I always make time to do laundry.  Except for this week.  Between driving Nadine to girls’ camp, and deciding to tackle the huge job of painting her room while she’s gone… even laundry has gone out the window.   The last load I did has been on the clothesline for two days.  Tonight I decided to go outside and fetch it off the line before the rain came again.  I was a few steps outside when I saw a movement in the dark.  I stomped as loudly as I could over to the sensor light until it flipped on.  I thought I would be looking at a cat.  However, I was staring at the backside of a skunk, its tail starting to raise.  Now, I’ve read enough Curious George to know that if you see that, you run fast.  I booked it into the house and slammed the door.  The clothes could use another rinse in the rain tonight, anyway.


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