The Miracle at the Pool

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Yesterday we spent the day with our cousins at a friend’s pool.  It was better than candy.  Betty got into the squirt guns, Elsie is getting more brave and going under the water, and there was much tandem jumping.

Then, after diving into the pool, Elijah came up out of the water with an odd look on his face.  He quickly swam to the edge and kept exclaiming over and over about something, so I went to him and found something extraordinary.  His goggles had shattered in the water, and he came up with only a small scratch on his forehead.  The older kids were fishing minuscule shards of glass, or whatever they were made out of, from off the bottom of the pool for over an hour.  Their fingers were getting cut, confirming how sharp they were.  Yet Elijah’s precious eyes were kept safe.  I am in awe even now and praise God for His mercies.

The past few mornings we’ve been woken up by bulldozers and jack hammers doing some sort of work on our street.  It’s super loud, and when the road is opened again at the end of the end of the day, there is nothing like parallel parking with a bulldozer.

Our schoolbooks have arrived and they’re being contained in their boxes until Matthew finishes building our school shelves.  It’s been such a long time since he made custom shelves, and now Elijah is old enough to be a real help.  His hands are also only about a half a centimeter from being the same size as mine.  We measured today.  I will be posting before and after pictures of our schoolroom area once it’s complete.


This past week has been full of miracles!  It was an honor to be the doula for an amazing girl and to experience my first home birth.  It was beautiful.  Every time I experience another birth I am more solidly grounded in my desire and love to help women in labor.  I am deep into my homework towards keeping my certification up to date, and have been spending many late nights reading, writing, and studying.  Being there for the birth gave me just the perfect boost to keep on going!


We also went to a birthday party last week for my cousin’s baby.  It was fun!  I loved it when Matt’s brother, Jacob, came back from his boy scout camping trip and the little girls were all in awe of him.  Betty’s face is priceless.  She loves her Uncle Jake!



The girls all having matching dresses that Grandma made them.  I have yet to get a picture of all three of them together, but here is Betty with each of them!

With the noise of bulldozers in the background, it’s time to get started on my day!


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