Today in Fast Motion

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Today I gave a start when I looked in the mirror.  It was time to rush out to the dentist for a last-minute appointment for the older two kids.  Matthew was covered in white dust from scraping the grout off our shower walls all afternoon.  Betty had been crying most of the day, for no apparent reason.  Every kid was slicked in sweat from our lack of air-conditioning.  I did some strange up-do with what I had on hand, but my failed hair-cut has given me some grief.  No chance of the much-needed shower since the bathroom was out of commission.  I tried not to look in the mirror before rushing out the door.  The solace of air-conditioning at the dentist office helped soothe the gravely nerves produced on this hot, claustrophobic day.  Back home we came, to a supper of wheat thins, cheese, and no-bakes.  I am not always culinary.  Back out we went for a last-minute invite to VBS.  This has been the highlight of my day.  Quiet.  Knowing my kids are cool and having fun.  Betty happily waved “night night” to me as she collapsed into bed.  Did I mention that it’s quiet?

Another highlight was the blessing of being able to order all the kids’ schoolbooks for this school year.  We have never ever done this before.  Always dribs and drabs.  This year, all in one shebang.  I can hardly wait!

My body is sticky with sweat.  My hair is a-maz-ing.  I am in awe of a beautiful and ginormous bouquet of flowers from a friend, that are sharing the table with me.  Most of the house is messy.  That’s ok, though.  Some days Mary Poppins just doesn’t show up.


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