Yellow Boots

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The garden has been my sweet spot to be the past few weeks.  I have abandoned my blog for flowers, dirt, and these awesome yellow boots my sister-in-law Heidi got for me at the thrift store.

Along each fence were vines, weeds, and strange unknown plants.  After pulling, weeding, planting, mulching and much watering, the garden has come alive.

With so much technology, I often think that somehow I can record the smell of these amazing lilies.  Bottle it up somehow.  I stop and smell them every time I walk past them, and I wish they stayed all year long.

We have purple and yellow beans, and so far four cherry tomatoes from our garden.  Elijah promptly named our first tomato “Bobby”.  It was yummy.

A lot more than gardening has taken up my time as well.  Kids, preparing for Matt’s race this weekend, lots of dream-hashing and seeking God about the next steps for our family.  We were encouraged when we read this reminder:  The Bible says that God’s Word is a lamp to our feet (Psalm 119:105), not a floodlight beaming to our destination.  (Steven Furtick)  So, we take one step at a time, excited, because He is completely trustworthy.


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