Here At The Laundromat


Our shore trip has been a little unusual this time around.  There’s nothing quite like meeting up with your supper in the middle of the night, on the bathroom floor.  After a rough night, yesterday found me lying on the futon in the living room for the entire day.  After Elsie had a similar experience as mine, last night, it was necessary to make a trip to the laundromat.  Here I sit, enjoying a free hot spot for wifi, and listening to the sound of an over-sized dryer about to take off.

It was fun to hear what was going on yesterday, even if I wasn’t fully engaged in what was happening around me.  The boys rode their bikes to 711 all by themselves and bought a donut for themselves and a pack of gum for me.  Their faces were so proud when they came back, fully realizing the big responsibility they had been given.  Elsie would occasionally hop on the bed next to me and rub my back or play with my hair.  Nadine checked to see how I was feeling, and always looked for the slightest bright spot in my face.  Sweet Betty toddled around, her steps being much more confident now, and she grinned as she passed my way.  It was a strange day, but I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family all around me.

Now my laundry is done and I’m excited to go back to the shore house.  Yahtzee, Phase 10, laughter, and ice-tea awaits.  Happy Fourth of July!

2 thoughts on “Here At The Laundromat

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