Multiplication Is His Specialty

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This morning when I  was reading in Matthew 15, I read this interaction between Jesus and His disciples.  Jesus feels deep concern for the multitudes of people about to walk home on empty stomachs.  He knows their need, and He looks at his disciples as if to say, “Did you learn what I can do when I fed the 5000 people a few weeks ago?”  You would think that their reply to His unspoken question would be, “We know!  YOU can give them what they need!  You are completely able.  We saw it, we believe it!”  Instead, they say, “There is nothing here.  Where could we get enough bread to feed this large crowd?”  Wow.  I have been there, said that.  It seems so silly when I’m sitting on my front porch, sipping some tea with yummy toast, knowing what is about to happen in the story.  You empty-heads… um, Jesus is standing there with you.  Don’t you remember how He fed 5000 people with five loaves and two fish?  Yet, I have often given the same excuse when a need presents itself.  I have nothing that could be of use here, Lord.  I don’t have the means to help that person.  I have nothing here!  Jesus then simply says, “How many loaves do you have?”  The excuse was: there is nothing.  Turns out there was something.  Something very small in comparison to the need.  There were seven loaves and a few small fish.  Jesus makes everyone sit down, and He gives thanks for this little something, and you know what happens?  There is enough, with seven baskets full of leftovers!  About the next day, this issue of bread comes up again.  The disciples forgot to bring bread with them and when Jesus starts using yeast as an example about what to look out for (bad doctrine, sin that grows and infiltrates everywhere) the disciples are worried that He’s chiding them for not bringing any bread on their trip.  He replies, “Your faith is so small!  Why are you talking to each other about having no bread?  Don’t you understand?  Don’t you remember?”  And He reminds them of the miraculous multiplication of bread not once, but twice!  When we talk about things we don’t have, it evokes more worry.  We might not have what seems important.  We might not even have what is important.  Sometimes the need is truly pertinent.  Whatever our circumstance, we do have Jesus with us in the boat.  Ready to provide.  Able to provide.  He is the same God who multiplied what was available into what was needed.  Give Him everything, and see what He does!


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