Impromptu Family Reunion

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It’s the first day of summer, and while the world complains about the heat, I actually enjoy it.  This morning I enjoyed some early morning gardening, thankful that I can stand without too much pain today.  Two days ago I found myself flat on my face at the top of our stairs, the second toe of my left foot throbbing like mad.  It was almost numb and yet on fire at the same time.  Without an actual x-ray to confirm it, I’m 99% sure it’s broken. Its black and blue self stares back at me as I prop up my feet.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything.  I’m thankful for a lot of things.  The last week was a whirlwind of family and sisters and my brother and cousins galore.  It was packed with many fun moments and the time went way too quickly.  I’m thankful for the photos of this past weekend, which keep cheering me up.  It’s hard to choose a few out of a couple hundred pictures, but these are definitely my favorites of this week:

I remember when these guys were all little babies, about 6 months apart each.

I was obsessed with this tree at Valley Forge.

Cousins minus the four Watts.

Nadine kept picking flowers and putting them places to honor the soldiers who died at Valley Forge.  It was beautiful.

Betty and Auntie Heather holding hands.

I was also obsessed by these weeds.  So pretty.  So painful to touch.  So much like some choices we make.  They look so good, so appealing, yet bring pain and choke out what’s truly beneficial.

This little guy is a heart-melter.

Jack walked the entire time carrying his backpack and this huge stick.  It’s how he does things.

At last, all seventeen cousins together!

Creek walking is something we did way back when the entire tall crowd were mere munchkins.

I love my brother and everyone loves him!

Jack, finding the biggest rock to throw.  In his mind, skipping rocks means heaving heavy boulders.

A few of the kids who went swimming.

After Audrey found a host of feathers, most of the boys became Indians.  Jack’s war dance was especially funny.  He found a shoe string in the creek, which became part of his attire.

On my brother’s birthday, we all enjoyed cream puffs under the shade of the hundred-acre-wood, also known as my parents’ front yard.

Sisters are the best!

Another highlight of the week was Betty learning to walk.  Just before 18 months, she took her first steps, and every day now she is getting more confident.  She also learned how to climb ladders.

We enjoyed a campfire one night at my sister’s.

I’ll close with my favorite picture of the entire week.  



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