You Better Be Prepared

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I was reminded today by a friend about how wild our God is.  He is beyond ordinary.  Although it might sound like a paradox, I’ve been expectantly waiting for His unexpected.  As Matthew and I approach a month without work, God keeps confirming that this is good, this is His plan, this is all under His control.  It’s not always easy to get uncomfortable on purpose.  Quitting his job so he can pursue what he loves and what we know God wants us to do has not been a walk in the park.  It’s been more like a walk through a very dry desert.  But, as the sun beats down on us, He provides shade and water and everything we need.  Everything we need.  Wild, unexpected places.  Almost always God uses people to bless us with money, who could really use it themselves.  It never ceases to amaze me.  A hundred-dollar bill tucked under our dinner plates.  Really?  Money in our pillow cases.  Really?  Food our family eats by the pound, provided through people who love to give.  Don’t ever underestimate what good things our Heavenly Father will do when you trust Him to work out the details.  Sometimes we are the ones who are surprised.  Sometimes God is prodding us to do the surprising.  Whatever it is, you better be prepared to be surprised.


One thought on “You Better Be Prepared

  1. What a beautiful perspective, it is so true. We are living in a similar place right now and the thing that always gets me through the dark is the hope of knowing God will show up for us and getting to wait to see how He surprises us with His gifts and love.

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