Now I Can Enjoy Life


There was a moment today when I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to pull myself together and go into public again.  These days happen.  Gut-wrenching, slobbery-faced tears that soak a handkerchief in a minute.  Disappointment, anger, delayed hopes, all melded together to form a huge pot of emotion that bubbled over onto my poor unsuspecting husband.

The Lord takes care of those who are as helpless as children. When I was in great need, he saved me. 

There really is nothing to be said for the comfort that God provides.  He binds up our wounds.  He wraps us in His love.

I said to myself, “Be calm.  The Lord has been good to me.”

Sometimes I get so consumed by the here and now, the disappointments or drudgery of the moment and I forget all He has done for me.

 Lord, you have saved me from death. You have dried the tears from my eyes.  You have kept me from tripping and falling.  So now I can enjoy life here with you while I’m still living. 

While I’m still living.  I’m alive and I can enjoy life here, not just despite my circumstances or surroundings, but because of them.

Some sweet Betty time today.  Verses in italics from Psalm 116.

2 thoughts on “Now I Can Enjoy Life

  1. You are a beautiful woman! Thank you for your transparency.

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