God of The Unexpected

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God doesn’t often use the expected means to get His purposes accomplished.  When Jesus fed the 5,000, He didn’t send His diciples to the grocery store or discount outlet to buy enough food for everyone.  He used what was available: 2 loaves and 5 fish from a willing boy’s lunch, and He multiplied it five-thousand-fold.  Unexpected.

When the Israelites left Egypt and came to the Red Sea, God didn’t stop everyone and put the exodus on hold just because a huge body of water was blocking their exit.  He didn’t call a meeting with builders and architects to conceive a plan on how to quickly  build a bridge or a boat which could accomodate thousands of people safely across the water.  No, He simply split the water in half and had the people walk across dry ground.  Unexpected.

When there were thousands of lives at stake during an unstable time in history, God used the wisdom and courage of a woman named Esther, to save an entire nation.  Why not an army?  Unexpected.

This week I have been reading in Ezra.  Israel returned to Jerusalem from captivity and started to rebuild the temple.  They were tricked and discouraged by their enemies, and the rebuilding halted for about fifteen years.  God used Haggai and Zechariah to encourage the people to start rebuilding again.  Then a guy named Tattenai tried to stop the work by sending a message to King Darius, telling him to search the records about whether or not they should indeed be rebuilding the temple.  He was trying to intimidate them into stopping the work again.  The response of the King is so astounding!  Not only does he foil Tattenai’s plan, but he tells him to use the king’s own money to fund the project!  He tells him that he is to give them day by day whatever they need.  Unexpected.

God can use anything and anyone to accomplish what He wants.  He has good plans for us.  He is not limited by our money, our status, our connections, or lack of any means.  God will take our lack and use it.  He will smile, because day by day He likes to surprise us with the unexpected.


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