Golgi Tendon Organ

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I’m not sure what the golgi tendon organ is exactly, but it’s scratched in Matthew’s familiar handwriting on a flashcard beside me.  Tonight the kids went with Matthew to church while I stayed home with Betty who’s sporting a fever.  I write this in our new “office” which is also just the corner of our bedroom.  There are flashcards full of anatomy and physiology terminology lying around, and tonight I’ve surprised Matthew by carrying up the comfy chair from the living room into our room so he can be cozy to read and study.  This week has been our adjusting week, keeping our communication open about expectations, and all of us learning to stay out of closed doors when Daddy is studying.  It was fun to see Matthew play in his first soccer game, and he was the only white boy in a field of Spanish and Caribbean boys.

The kids switched between watching him and playing on the playground.

The kids had their end of the year homeschool evaluations yesterday and finished well!  I’ve been busy getting next year’s affidavit and list of objectives all written out so I can file it with the school district.  During the summer we will work on Math drills and read, read, read.  It is such a satisfying feeling to accomplish something, and this school year was a positive accomplishment for us.  We all learned so much!

Thanks for all of your encouraging notes to us and words of affirmation about what God is doing in our lives.  We cherish your prayers for continued guidance, provision, and blessing as we walk this new path.  New for us, but already planned out and scoped ahead of time by our Heavenly Father.


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