Broken Tulip and a Road Trip

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This tulip was accidently smooshed the other day.  I thought it really had died, but with a little love it now sits happily in a vase on my kitchen table.  I’m thankful it got broken, because now I can enjoy its beauty whenever I walk into the kitchen!  It’s brokenness forced me to embrace its loveliness and not miss out on it while it grew in the garden where I looked maybe once a day.  So much like our own lives.  Sometimes we have to be broken in order for the beauty of Christ to shine brighter.   Sometimes we are moved to the kitchen table to bring more blessing and joy to others than if we had remained where we were more comfortable.  Now that it’s in a vase of water, it is actually growing more, because tulips never stop growing, even after they’re picked.  Brokenness leads to growth.

Easter was a special day with family.  Betty was in on the action this year.

Cousins always add an element of delight to any day!

I’m not sure what Betty was doing.  It seemed like she didn’t want to touch the grass with her knees.  Nope, she’s still not walking.  Just doing yoga.

This weekend I’m super duper excited to drive away to Syracuse with my sister and enjoy a weekend away!  We will be relishing time with my other sister and 3 friends we grew up with in Africa… I can already feel my stomach hurting from the laughter, my eyes stinging from the tears, and my heart filling up with once-a-year-maybe-more kind of memories.  What amazing husbands we have to happily let us go and enjoy time with our sisters!  It’s going to be grand.  Happy Friday!  May it be beautiful.


One thought on “Broken Tulip and a Road Trip

  1. I love your pics, Amy!! You always capture pure joy in life 🙂

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